There was somewhat of a protest held by the Nature Coast Coalition for Peace and Justice on June 24th outside of Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite's office. There wasn't much of a protest, and I didn't stay long...Why? The were unorganized and held no credibility. It was a bunch of people running around trying to get things together. What really convinced me that there was no sense of dealing with these folks were two things.

  1. They stood by the road for about 15 minutes holding every flag BUT the American Flag. They left it leaning up against a tree about 75 feet from where they were protesting. Nobody noticed it...until I said something which leads me to...

  2. I asked the group "What type of Americans would stand in protest holding the flags of other counties, when the American Flag is left alone to lean against a tree? What kind of respect is that?"

   Brian Moore actually had to ask me where it was. I pointed it out, and he at first denied that it was from their group. I pointed out that it was the skinny kid in the photo who left it against the tree. He then asked me why I didn't grab it and join them. My response was "I would never join you in protest" Someone in his group told me to "Get the F_ _ _ out of here then!"

   At that point a Deputy started to came over to where I was standing outside of my truck. I told him I would leave and that was that, but I did take the opportunity two Soldiers from the National Guard Armory that came over and asked me what was going on.




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