Hernando County Veterans Roll of Honor Donations

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History of the wall

The original Hernando County Veterans Roll of Honor, dedicated March 10, 1946, recognized 990 county veterans for their service during WWI or WWII. Replaced on Veteran’s Day 1990, the new 9’ x 18’ granite wall honors, by name, the 1,607 Hernando County residents who served in the armed forces during wartime.

In 2009, the County decided that they could no longer afford to thank our local Veterans by putting their names on the wall for FREE. The Veteran or their Family would be responsible for paying to have the name placed on the wall.

Please Click the image below if you can donate to the cause:

On our Radio show, we made an offer to Matt Peters, of the Hernando County Veterans Services, to pay for the names of those that could not afford to have their name or the name of a family member placed on the wall. That is an offer we will uphold as long as we can afford it. For the record, we do not get paid to do the "Military Appreciation Show". For nearly three years we have been doing the weekly radio show with no pay.

The cost of engraving the name of a Veteran on the wall is $2.20 per character, and it usually ends up costing between $35 - $45 dollars per name.

If you can afford to help the cause, it would be greatly appreciated. The ability or a Veteran to pay will be decided by Hernando County Veterans Services. They will make a request through us when someone can not afford to pay as they have this week.

Please Click the image below if you can donate to the cause:

We will start a list of Donors on this page as we receive donations and their donation amount.

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