What Does a Social Worker Riverhills Do?

What Does a Social Worker Riverhills Do?

A social worker Riverhills is a qualified professional who helps people cope with difficult life events or situations. They may be a support person to families of patients in hospitals or nursing homes, or they can be employed by counseling centers, community organizations, employee assistance programs and more. In addition to helping clients cope with their problems, a social worker provides education about issues such as parenting, child abuse, depression and other mental illnesses.

A social work degree is necessary to obtain a job in this field. Students can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work, and some schools are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education’s Board of Accreditation. This accreditation demonstrates that the school is committed to providing high quality education and has met certain educational requirements.

Many people who become social workers have had previous experience working with social worker Riverhills clients, either in paid or voluntary roles. This can be from working in the NHS, such as in child and adolescent mental health services, or it may have been gained through volunteering with an organisation that helps people in distress, such as a homeless shelter. Once a social worker is qualified, they may choose to specialise in a particular client group or issue, such as elderly care or mental health.

If a person works in the NHS, they are paid on the Agenda for Change pay system and start on band 6. With further training, they can progress to more senior positions, such as primary mental health worker or a manager. If they work outside the NHS, their pay and conditions will vary.

People who work directly with clients are known as direct service social workers. These professionals identify a client’s needs, strengths and goals; make plans to help them improve their coping skills; and follow up with clients to assess their progress. They are also known as licensed social workers (LSW) in states that require licensure for this profession.

At Holzer, our social workers are specially trained to help individuals and their families with a variety of complex issues, including adjusting to hospitalization, dealing with long term illness, loss of loved ones, or caring for aging parents. Our team of social workers and nurses provide emotional support for our patients, as well as referrals to community resources that can help them deal with the complexities of their situations.

Our social workers are available during business hours, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We also have a social worker who is on call afterhours and on weekends. For more information about our social services department, please click here.