Mack’s Moving Company

Mack’s Moving Company

Mack’s Moving Company was founded in 2013 to provide hassle-free relocation services. The firm offers residential and commercial moving and storage solutions. Its team of movers can help pack and move furniture, appliances, and personal items into new homes. It can also transport office supplies and equipment. In addition, Mack’s Moving Company provides storage solutions for household goods. Its facility has storage units that can hold up to two rooms of furniture. It also offers junk removal.

The firm’s clients include families, seniors, and small businesses. Its clients also include government agencies and non-profits. Its team can assist with packing, unpacking, and storage of delicate or valuable items, such as artworks, first edition manuscripts, and musical instruments. It can also ship and store furniture, vehicles, and electronics.

In addition to shipping and storage, the firm can handle crates, freight forwarding, and logistics management. The company can also help with international moves. Its movers are experienced in packing fragile items and shipping them across the globe. It can also assist with customs and immigration processes.

The company is a member of the New York State Movers and Warehousemen’s Association. It is a full-service moving and storage company that serves Schenectady. Its movers are trained to pack and load household goods. They can also wrap upholstered furniture with blankets to protect it from damage. Its storage facilities offer secure and safe environments for all types of items, including antiques, furniture, and electronics.

Located in Green Island, New York, the business offers local and long-distance moves for its clients. Its movers can help with packing and loading, and its storage facilities are available for short and long-term needs. Its crates and boxes are made of durable materials to ensure the safety of all items.

Mack Trucks Inc is relocating its Allentown, Pennsylvania plant to Macungie, near Lehigh Valley Airport, where it will build the next generation of trucks for global markets. The move will affect about 1,200 blue-collar workers. It will also close the plant in Winnsboro, South Carolina, which was built to make Mack highway trucks. The company will transfer the production to the plant in Macungie, and move the production of other models to the plant in New River Valley.

Those affected will get severance pay and relocation assistance. The company will also pay for the cost of shipping items to their new locations.